Thursday, July 14, 2011


The essay “A Child Is Born” is written by Australian Feminist writer and Lecturer Germaine Greer. In this essay, the writer has presented comparisons between the parent-child relationship in the industrial society, the west and the agro-based society, the traditional east. The writer compares the role of children in traditional, agricultural societies with that of children in western, most developed countries.
The main theme of the essay is in the traditional society there are many good ways of helping women of time when they give birth. The modern methods of helping pregnant women are not necessarily better than traditional methods. In the traditional societies there are different ways of having babies. These methods are useful because having a baby per women is less frightening in her life.
When a woman is pregnant, she is covered with different taboos and prohibition which help her to reduce her pain. There are rituals are believes which make having a baby less frightening. According to custom, her husband, relatives and community support her which helps her to feel safe.

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